Cadet Willie McBride:operation cobra


作者:by Colonel Rodney Dearing


出版社:Bright Pen


格式:EPUB 流式

ISBN:9780755250110; 9780755206049

分類:歐美文學  英文書  


PIRATES, TRIADS, TREACHERY, HIGH TECH WEAPONS AND MILITARY OPERATIONS WITH THE SAS. WILLIE McBRIDE AND HIS TWO FRIENDS EXPERIENCE THEM ALL AS THEY CHANGE HISTORY IN ANOTHER WORLD Piracy has always been a bloodthirsty business. Pirates prey on the weak and vulnerable. They strike when least expected and take everything – ship, cargo and crew. Their operations can close off vital trade routes and affect the strategic balance of naval power. But piracy is doubly effective when it’s part of a country’s military policy or it’s organised globally. Cadet Willie McBride and his two friends, Gareth and Penelope, confront two nests of savage pirates threatening Britain’s and Britannica’s national interests. Using ingenious combinations of surprise and special weaponry Willie devises cunning plans to strike at the very heart of those pirate bases. But will the combat power of the inexperienced military cadets be sufficient to defeat the well armed and organised pirates whose bases are in far off China and under their noses closer to home? Are Willie and his friends clever and shrewd enough to overcome the vast military might of the Teutons or the ruthlessness of the Chinese triads? The outcomes provide Willie with valuable insights into global military strategy, diplomacy and fresh clues as to the likely murderer of his parents. THIS IS THE SECOND BOOK OF THE CADET WILLIE McBRIDE MILITARY ADVENTURE SERIES.

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