10 games lesson plans for 5-7 year olds


作者:by P S Quick


出版社:Andrews UK Limited


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系列書: lesson plans for 5-7 year olds,本系列共3本

These 10 Games Lessons are designed to motivate children to listen attentively, develop positive attitudes and understand rules. Children will develop the skills of travelling, including chasing, fleeing and dodging; interact with others and use small apparatus to develop the skills required for more formal team games and sport when they are older.

Each lesson includes lesson objectives, a list of resources, instructions for games, a warm-up activity, and an introductory activity. The skill building part of the lesson enables them to experiment and build upon their skills. There is a cool-down activity as well as assessment cues. There are also suggestions for extension activities and where appropriate ICT opportunities which include web links.

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